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Weihai Zhongwei Rubber CO.LTD was established in 1927, it is one of the earliest rubber processing factories in china.

From the early of nineteen nineties, the company had been concentrating on research and developing special use tires such as industrial tires, construction tires, port use tires, mining tires and so on. Now the products cover more than 600 specifications, and have a very good adaptability and many advantages like high property on wear-resisting, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, heavy loading and so on wiht a very good long distance service and high cost performance. The market reputation is becoming higher and higher in world market. Some tires have been supplying to several world top famous merchinary manufacturers as oem for many years.

The company has a complete set of quality management system with advanced test and inspection equipments. The company’s quality policy is to meet the customer’s requirment and exceed the customer expectation. The company has acquired ISO9001-2008 certificate of confirmity of products quality and the china compulsory examination certificate of conformity(CCC), also has been approved by the usa federal highway traffic safty administration and assigned DOT code 260.

In the light of the company management philosophy “Be responsible to products, Be responsible to customers, Be responsible to society”, the company will persevere in providing high quality products and service to customers from the whole world.



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