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Weihai Zhongwei Rubber Co., Ltd. has achieved new results in the development of mining truck tires

2017-04-26 10:11

  Recently, Weihai Zhongwei Rubber Co., Ltd. independently developed 14.00-24-32 GK899E and 14.00-25-40 GK899A two mining truck tires. 

  Designed for mining wide-body dump trucks, these two tires feature solid carcass, anti-explosion, puncture resistance and superior load capacity. They are designed with wear resistance and low heat build-up, and have excellent cut resistance. With wear resistance; unique deep pattern and wide driving surface design, through the excellent performance. Mainly used in harsh working conditions such as mines.

  The successful development of these two products marks Weihai Zhongwei Rubber Co., Ltd. has taken a solid step in meeting the individual needs of customers and improving the serialization of mining truck tires, and enhancing the company's core competitiveness in the field of off-high-speed tires. Has a positive meaning.








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